Upgraded Teaching Pack

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Based on teachers' experience and students' feedback on the previous version, UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland has worked closely with both Irish and Chinese teachers who teach Chinese programmes in schools to produce the Upgraded Teaching Pack.

Compared to the previous version, this Upgraded Teaching Pack provides teachers with more teaching materials to teach Chinese language and culture, particularly the instructions (both by videos and by PowerPoint shows) for organising various class activities. It has also added new content and features to make teaching more interactive and student centred. Moreover, an open platform will be established on the official website of UCD Confucius Institute alongside with the launch of the Upgraded Teaching Pack, in which teachers can exchange their ideas and experiences in using the Teaching Pack to teach Chinese language and culture that will contribute to the continuous process of updating the Teaching Pack.

In order to make the Teaching Pack more user friendly for both Irish and Chinese teachers to teach Chinese culture and language in schools, the upgraded version is comprised of four new chapters along with original topics. These four chapters are video introductions and tutorials of learning Chinese through songs, learning Chinese with games, Chinese calligraphy, and Chinese painting.


Diploma in Teaching Chinese

  • This course is designed to meet the growing demands of Chinese teaching and learning in schools in Ireland. For teachers who have already mastered the pedagogy in Irish schools but do not have sufficient knowledge of Chinese language and culture, this course will provide them with the opportunity to develop and enhance their competence in teaching Chinese language and culture in schools.Any teachers who are qualified to teach in schools in Ireland, or who are interested in working in a relevant areaand have passed the entry examination for this course held by Irish Institute for Chinese Studies at UCD are eligible to apply for this course.